Support JHOVE

JHOVE is one of the most widely-used digital preservation tools in the community, and it is also used as a component in several commercial digital preservation systems. It is open source meaning it is free to download, use and modify. However, it is not free of costs to host, maintain, support or develop the software. Currently, only OPF members support JHOVE as part of their membership fees.

So, how can you help?

Become an OPF member

By becoming a member of the OPF, organisations are directly helping to fund the hosting, maintenance, and development of the software ensuring it is robust and reliable.

Members can also choose to guide the roadmap and:

Find out more:


Make a donation to support JHOVE development:

Contribute to JHOVE

We also welcome community contributions. We are looking for users and developers to join our active JHOVE community and help:

We run online JHOVE Hack Days where volunteers from around the world work collaboratively to enhance our understanding of JHOVE errors and improve documentation. The report from the most recent hack day is published on the Foundation’s website. If you would like to contribute or get involved in the next hack day, please contact us.